Sunday, November 6, 2016

Early sunset

The sunset is incredibly gorgeous this evening. I'm feeling a little melancholy over the fact that it is happening at 5:00, though. I know I'll adjust and end up being fine with it sometime this week but right now it feels weird. I do so love when it is light out until seven or eight in the evening.

However, I know that when we switch off from daylight savings - as we have today - and the sun sets early in the evening that we are at the cusp of the holidays. I love the holidays! I especially love when all the decorations are put out and the lights strug in our tree and in our windows. My kids and I LOVE all the lights. My husband does as well but our kids and I definitely love them more! The moment it is dark enough each evening we go around our home and plug in or turn on all the lights. They stay on until bedtime and we all enjoy the cozy glow of the colored lights. The lights are a combination of joyous and peaceful to me.

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