Friday, October 21, 2016

Food for Dewey's Readathon

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It has to be said that food is an important part of the Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon. It's not the most important part of course but it is necessary - on any given day - but it's a part of readathon day. My kids are taking part in the day (some of it - not the entire 24 hours) with me. They asked if we could get some chips. Of course I said yes and even threw in a box of Milk Duds. Those aren't chips but they are chocolate and caramel. YUM!

The coffee is mine. All MINE! :) We will all also have water which I forgot to put in the picture. I can't allow a full day of junk so you see the fruit and vegetables. We'll have something healthy for dinner, too. 

The readathon begins in a little over twelve hours and I am super excited! I hope that it will be a great day with family, snacks and books, books, books! 

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