Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Chrysalis Experiment

The Chrysalis Experiment is an amazing year-long project that I discovered through W O R D + S T U F F.  The idea is to write a short story for every week of 2011; or at least the weeks that you are inspired by the prompt or even just have the time to write rhe short story (1,000 - 10,000 words).  I love, love, love this experiment.  I am hoping that it will help me grow as a writer.  Plus, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to really connect with other writers.

The writing prompts will be posted on each Monday of the year.  And at least one short story will be posted on each Friday of the week.  I am hoping that I will write something I feel comfortable enough submitting for a post.  It's the criticism I know I need that actually freaks me out. 

Now, for the Entrance Survey.  Which is optional, but what the heck, here it is:

1. What are your current writing habits? I write every day.  I have to or else I am grouchy.  Of course, what and how much I write each day varies but the writing must be done.  Do you have any larger projects in the works? Of course! I am nearly done with my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel.  Once it is complete, I will start shopping it around in the publishing world.  I am also in the market for an agent and publisher for a novel that is already complete.  Hopefully I'll find one soon and the NaNo novel can be submitted to this person.  I am ever the optimist.

2. Name three things you love about your own writing and three skills that you would like to work on this year. Do you have a list of writing goals for 2011?

     What I Love About My Writing:
          A. My characters (especially the females) are really strong and competent while still having human emotions and flaws.
          B. Most of my stories are usually very family and friendship oriented.
          C. I have a really good sense of when to end the story.  I realize that may sound strange but I sometimes feel that a book I'm reading would have been better if it had ended sooner.

     Areas That Need Improvement:
          A. Being more open to sharing my writing.
          B. Accepting and implementing constructive criticism.
          C. I need to stop procrastinating the submission process.

     2011 Writing Goals:
         A. Write, write, write.  Finish the 2009 NaNo novel, write at least the rough drafts for two more novels (one of these will be in November) and now, The Chrysalis Experiment.
         B. As stated above - submit my work.
         C.  Get published! I told you I am an eternal optimist.

3. What do you find inspiring? I am very inspired by my family, friends, music nad reading great/books.

4. What sort of things do you currently do to improve your writing? I write every day as I believe that practice does pay off in the form of even better writing.

5. Are you currently looking for a critique partner or beta readers? Absolutely. If so, what qualities would you like in a critique partner or beta reader? Honesty and a sense of humor. 


  1. YAY!! :D Thanks for the plug AND for the survey. :) I'll add you to 'the list'!

  2. LOL. They really do seem like plugs. However, I believe in giving credit where it is due and I did find out about this at your blog. So --- :)