Thursday, April 29, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

God* comes to you and tells you that, from this day forward, you may only read ONE type of book–one genre–period, but you get to choose what it is. Classics, Science-Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Cookbooks, History, Business … you can choose, but you only get ONE.

What genre do you pick, and why?

*Whether you believe in God or not, pretend for the purposes of this discussion that He is real.

Ah man, this kind of question is always so hard for me. There are so many books that I love -and so many that I still want to read - from most of the genres. I suppose, if I really had to choose just one genre though, it would be Romance. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I'm also a sucker for books with strong characters (male and female) and love. The romance books I like have all of these ingredients. Plus, my favorite authors in this genre rarely disappoint me. I know if I pick up a Nora Roberts books I'm guaranteed a great journey through the book. I also like Julie Garwood and Andrea Kane for the same reasons.

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  1. Good answer to a tough question. But I really wouldn't want to have to choose!