Friday, February 19, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: ep. 6.15: The Time Warp

I used to blog about Grey's Anatomy every week after the show aired. This season I've barely written a word - if anything at all - about it. I've had very mixed opinions and emotions about this entire season. While there have been a few episode that stood out as fairly decent - I haven't really been bowed over by any of them. Until last night. The Time Warp had my undivided attention from beginning to end. The moment I heard the Chief doing what I thought was the intro voice over (it was really a speech at an AA meeting) I knew it was going to be a great episode. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the history. It was amazing to see a young Richard Webber working diligently and closely with a young, pre Alzheimer's Ellis Grey. By the way, I thought Sarah Paulson as Ellis was an amazing casting choice. And whoever the little girl playing little Meredith was - she was a great choice, as well. I cheered at the speech Ellis gave to Richard about being a woman who had a child but still being a doctor as well. I wish I could remember word for word because it was so great. And so interesting because twenty plus years later Webber tries to Mommy track Bailey and that doesn't go over so well, either. Won't men, and people in general, just have it a lot easier when they accept that women are amazing? We can have children, careers, families, friends, interests and be amazing at all of it. Sorry, mini tangent there. :)

I have a lot more to say but have to go and do some Mommy stuff - back later.

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