Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

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This week’s topic, The Winter Olympics:

You may have noticed–the Winter Olympics are going on. Is that affecting your reading time? Have you read any Olympics-themed books? What do you think about the Olympics in general? Here’s your chance to discuss!

The Winter Olympics have not affected my reading at all. My favorite part of the Winter Olympics is the figure skating; mainly the women's and the pairs. I'll become a little more distracted as that begins, but not overly so. The only things that really distract the bookaholic in me are my family and my writing. :)

As for Olympic themed books - I don't recall ever reading an entire book on the topic. I've certainly read articles and followed a lot of the controversies on the news, Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding, for example. Oh, and I was riveted to the whole sad mess in Salt Lake in 2002 with the Canadian, Japanese and Russian ice skaters. That was so sad and yet thoroughly interesting to me. My husband (who was my fiance' at the time) kept laughing at me but he was just as intrigued.


  1. Have been watching as much as I can.

  2. I just catch the highlights on the news

  3. I've watched them more than usual this year. I've posted my response on my blog. Check it out, if you'd like.

  4. I like figure skating too, but the snow boarding and skiing is pretty awesome as well. My BTT is at The Crowded Leaf.