Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happily Ever After

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I went to an RWA meeting today and it was wonderful! It's an organization full of people that write romance novels so of course Happily Ever After is a MUST! Happy For Now will do too but the point is - a HAPPY ENDING to an enjoyable and hopefully well-crafted story. 

Then I came home to discover that there is a wedding happening in the neighborhood. It turns out that we can hear quite a bit of it from the kitchen/dining room. There is a lot of laughter and that makes me smile. So often there is chaos and tumult in our world but I believe that the majority of people do want love, laughter and happiness in their lives. I know I do and I feel blessed to have those things. It's also why I write romance novels and never give up on getting my stories out there. I believe the people of our world like love and Happily Ever After! 

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