Sunday, February 12, 2017

Doctor Who

Yes, I know about Doctor Who. I even watched it with my dad when I was younger. It used to be that when I'd think of 'The Doctor" I would imagine Tom Baker because that's who played the Doctor when I watched with my dad. However, my kids have gotten into Doctor Who recently. When my oldest started asking a lot of questions about the show we tried finding episode on Netflix and Hulu - to no avail. We also tried getting episodes on YouTube - but again, not much luck. So I tried our local library. They had the complete season with David Tennant. He's fantastically good as The Doctor and now I'm thinking of him when I think of Doctor Who. My kids want to see more, of course, and I'm on board with them but I wonder how they'll feel seeing another actor in the role.

It has also come to my attention that there are books based on Doctor Who. I'll definitely be checking out some of those. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of David Tennant as The Doctor:

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