Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

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I was fortunate enough that I visited New York City many times before the horrible events of September 11, 2001. This image is one that I got off of Google but I have one similar to it myself. I took my picture in 1995 and I remember vividly standing in the World Trade Center complex and looking up at the twin towers. It was dizzying and amazing at the same time. I was using a 35 millimeter camera (this was long before we all used our phones as cameras) to try and get the incredible mass of these buildings in one picture. I did it by lying on the ground to get the photo. It didn't even cross my mind that these buildings would be gone someday and I was taking a picture of history.

Believe me, I understand that the loss of life from that horrible day is so much more important than the loss of architecture. I have a queasy feeling as I think about that day and the fear that sat with so many for so long (perhaps even still to some degree) afterward. I still feel sad for all of the innocent people who lost their lives that day - whether in the buildings, the planes, the firefighters, police or those in the Pentagon - and their families. It's for those innocent people and their families, friends and loved ones that I will never forget. I will always honor their memory even as I hope that nothing like this ever happens again. 

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