Saturday, January 31, 2015

Writing Communities

Anyone who has ever taken on the writing of something important to them - whether that be a novel, a collection of poems or a personal memoir - probably knows that the actual process can be a little lonely sometimes. I definitely feel this way sometimes thus my need for things like NaNoWriMo, Write Club on Twitter and The Write Chain Challenge. I still love these groups and participate in them regularly. However, it is definitely time for me to have some regular, in-person writing contacts. I get this with NaNoWriMo but that only happens in November. I think part of what makes NaNoWriMo successful is the camaraderie that exists for so many during that month. I've come to realize I need this in my life the other eleven months of the year, as well.

There used to be a group from my local NaNo region that met through the year. I'm going to see if they still do and try to get involved with that. I am also going to go to a meeting of my local chapter of Romance Writer's of America. I went to one of these years ago. It wasn't right for me at that time in my life but I think it may very well be the best thing for me now. I'm at an entirely different place with my writing than I was back then. Plus, I have all kinds of life experiences that I didn't have before and those experiences have helped to enrich my writing.

In the very near future I hope to be writing about getting involved with one or possibly even both of these groups.


  1. I have only ever been brave enough to go to a NaNo meet up during NaNo, back in the early days. I haven't done any writing groups since then. But I'd love to. I just have to get up the guts to go and meet a bunch of strangers! ;)

  2. I know what you mean Trisha! It's hard even if when you somewhat know one or two people.