Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter

This is the first book I have read by Madeline Hunter and I can say I will definitely be reading more. Her story telling is exquisite and passionate.

In this tale, Sebastian and Audrianna are brought together by the same cause but find themselves on opposing sides of said cause.  Audrianna's father was accused of a wartime crime.  The scandal led him to take his own life.  She is still trying to clear his name.

Sebastain was at the forefront of bringing her father's alleged crime to the public's awareness.  naturally, Audrianna and her family blame Sebastian for basically hounding her father to his death.

Audrianna and Sebastian find themselves in a position where they think they will both learn more and fianlly put the entire matter to rest.  Then a scandal ensues that changes their lives rather dramatically. As they try to uncover the truth surrounding the mystery in the book - they find themselves entwineed in the mystery of their own emotions.

I loved all of the characters in this book. I am quite happy that this book is the first in a quartet called The Rarest Blooms and look forward to reading the others.  The next book in the series is titled Provocative in Pearls.


  1. Ooh this must be maddening for the characters. Sounds good.

  2. This series is so good! I know Castleford is a bit rakish in this book (ok, more than a bit!), but wait until you get to his book (Dangerous in Diamonds). I loved it! Have fun reading this series!