Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Review - Provocative in Pearls by Madeline Hunter

The Earl of Hawkeswell is a man in desperate need of money. So he marries Verity Thompson, a wealthy iron works heiress, in order to better his own life and those of the people that live on his lands. Then Verity disappers on their wedding day and he is forced to live in limbo until she is either found or officially declared dead.

Two years later, by happenstance only, Hawkeswell finds Verity, alive and well. He is quite furious to say the least. Especially when Verity makes it quite clear to him that she has no intention of being his wife now that she has come of age and can care for herself. Hawkeswell insists that their marriage stands and she must do as he says since she is his wife.

I have to admit that Hawkeswell irritated me greatly in the first part of this book. I tried to tell myself that he was acting like any man probably would have during the time period but he still irked me. I really liked him in 'Ravishing in Red' so I kept hoping for his redemption in his own story and I was not disappointed.

I liked Verity from the very beginning of this book. She is smart, resourceful, kind and quite able and willing to speak her mind. She has valid reasons for wanting a life separate from Hawkeswell and insists that she was coerced into marrying him rather than doing so of her own free will. At first Hawkeswell does not buy in to this in the least. When he finally comes down from his high horse and actually listens to Verity - he learns that quite a lot of what she has said holds merit.

Hawkeswell and Verity clash greatly and seem to always be going in opposite directions. Once they finally start getting to know one another they discover they have a lot in common. They both believe in justice, free trade and they share a most alluring passion.

I enjoy Madeline Hunter's poignant and beautiful style of writing. I just love all of the characters in her 'The Rarest Blooms' series and look forward to the next story in the quartet - Sinful in Satin.

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  1. Hmmm... I'm not sure I have your patience with Hawkeswell. I like Verity's name! I'm so random :)