Thursday, June 16, 2011

Booking Through Thursday - Interactive

Booking Through Thursday is a fun weekly question and answer session, based on books, of course. This week, the question is:

With the advent (and growing popularity) of eBooks, I’m seeing more and more articles about how much “better” they can be, because they have the option to be interactive … videos, music, glossaries … all sorts of little extra goodies to help “enhance” your reading experience, rather like listening to the Director’s commentary on a DVD of your favorite movie.
How do you feel about that possibility? Does it excite you in a cutting-edge kind of way? Or does it chill you to the bone because that’s not what reading is ABOUT?

In my opinion, reading is about using your imagination.  I have a Nook and yes, it does have a dictionary and some other extras, but I never use them.  If I need to look up a word, I do it the old-fashioned way and grab my actual paper and glue bound dictionary.  As for other interactive features - to me, that's not what reading is about.  As I said, I think reading is an exercise in imagination.  It helps me to think about things and sometimes in a different light.  Reading is a joy in itself.  I don't need any 'extras' to 'enhance my experience'.  In fact, reading is often an escape from all the modern technology for me.

What do you think of all of this?

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  1. I love my ereaders, but could deal without all the extra's!

    Stop by my site if you get a chance :)