Wednesday, August 17, 2016

National Library Week

I got this off of Facebook but I love it SO MUCH! I LOVE the library and have since I was a kid. I know I've written about this more than once on my blog but I think that libraries are so important and I hope the never go away. The library is important for all of the reasons listed above and it has been a haven in my life more than once.

I take my kids to our local library once a week (often twice per week in the summer and during school breaks) for new books and fun events. My kids and I adore being able to explore a new world in a book - whether it's one of fiction and completely imagination based or nonfiction and we learn about someone or something in our world. 

The libraries in our country - and all over the world - are important. I, for one, am super thankful for the library!

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