Monday, August 15, 2016

Bullet journal layout

Have you heard of Bullet Journaling? I hadn't heard of this phenomenon until April. I'd been to a meeting of the local Romance Writers of America chapter and they had a great presentation on planning as it relates to writing. There were great ideas and methods shared in the presentation. The thing was - none of them quite fir my needs and the planning needs of my family. Someone in the audience mentioned making her own planner and that struck a chord with me. I love being organized. I love paper planners, calendars, journals and the act of writing things down. I'd tried many different planner systems over the years but nothing ever quite worked for me. Some parts would but all of it never did.

I left that writers meeting determined to make something work even if it meant creating my own planner. I went home and did a Google search on making my own planner. What popped up was a ton of stuff about Bullet Journals. Curious, I clicked on the first line, then another, and another after that. Then I clicked on a YouTube video about Bullet Journals. As I've said many times since April, I went down the Rabbit Hole. I was fascinated, amazed and completely in love with the concept of a Bullet Journal. It was exactly what I wanted - a paper planner made on my terms. Here's the original concept of the Bullet Journal. It's fantastic. I also discovered many other people and their ways of doing their Bullet Journals. some are incredibly artistic which I love. I don't draw well but I love seeing how others create and use their journals. That being said, I do use color, stickers and washi tape in my journal to give my pages some of my personality. The best thing is that this system has allowed me to figure out what works best for me and my family. As a result I have been much better organized and productive in all ways.

Here's a look at my layout for this week before I added in and of the personal information:

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