Monday, July 30, 2012

Reading Challenges

As you can see based on my pages at the top of my blog, I am participating in three reading challenges during 2012.  At least, I'm supposed to be participating.  The truth is, I'm not doing very well with the challenges this year.  I am some degree of behind on each one.  I'm not one hundred percent certain as to why this is the case.  I have done reading challenges quite successfully in past years. 

I am hoping/planning to catch up and complete the challenges for 2012.  However, I am wondering if perhaps this is a sign that I should forego the challenges in 2013.  Perhaps it'll be a year of reading simply for the pleasure of reading and not for the partial need to fulfill a challenge.  I suppose I'll decide definitively as this year draws to an end.

How about you? Do you participate in reading challenges? If so, how ar eyou doing with yours?

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