Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book Review - His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander

Despite the some what corny title, His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander was a very well done and engaging book.  Lady Veronica Smithson is an independent, forward thinking widow in Victorian London.  She is tired of being alone but is not the least bit interested in marrying again.  She enjoys her freedom and her ability to make decisoions, financial and otherwise, without having to consult a man for approval or permission.  She is lonely for companionship, though.  Her very good friend Portia is cousin to the world adventurer Sebastian Hadley-Attwater.  Veronica is instantly attracted to him and decides that he will do nicely and sets forth a plan to be his mistress.

Sebastian has indeed led a life of adventure but has finally returned home to England.  He is certain that he will travel again but he is restless and ready for home and hearth.  He has recently realized that he misses his funny and well meaning family.  When he meets Veronica, sparks fly.  Sebastian decides rather quickly that he wants to marry Veronica.  What ensues is a funny, sweet and sometimes bittersweet story.  Can these two very headstrong characters fins a way to compromise and still be together? And better yet, can they do it by Christmas?

I loved this book and will definitely look for more books by Victoria Alexander.

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