Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon is held twice annually; once in April and once in October.  Which means, to my excitement, that there is one coming up in three weeks.  Saturday, October 9th, to be exact.  Before anyone is daunted by the '24 Hour' part of this - don't be.  This is, above all else, meant to be a FUN event.  If you read for the full 24 hours then great and if you don't that's great as well.  Just so long as you have fun while participating.  For more information and to sign up go here.

This will be my first time participating in the read-a-thon.  Do I want to read for the full 24 hours? You bet I do! I am a proud bookworm and would absolutely love to read for that much uninterrupted time.  Will I read for the full 24 hours though? Probably not.  I assure you that I am not being pessimistic but wholly realistic.  With two wonderful, active children and an equally wonderful husband I just know that there will be the need for my attention through the day.  I am going to participate though and be happy with any amount of time that I get to devote to reading. 

Oh, and another reason I know my time won't equal 24 hours? Sleep.  I am no longer of an age (and no, I'm not that old) where I can go without my sleep.  No way, no how, not going to happen.

So, who wants to do the read-a-thon with me? Let's read and blog and have fun doing this together.


  1. I would love to but Saturdays are ruthless around here lol. Good luck with it!

  2. Hey! Welcome to the read-a-thon!
    This will be my 3rd. It is a lot of fun. I love it. I will put your blog in my favs and check on you. Good luck!