Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and my husband's anniversary. However, since it's Monday, he had to work, my eldest daughter had to go to school and my youngest daughter and I played chauffeur and errand girls. So, my husband and I had our anniversary time out yesterday.

We dropped our daughters off with their great aunt and we went out to a very nice brunch and a movie. Expensive meals are not something we do in our family so the brunch we had yesterday was an amazing treat! Oh, and did I mention that my husband made the reservation and planned the babysitting? Yeah, that was a treat in itself. And, he did this two weeks ago.

Anyway, the brunch was a four course deal and included champagne. Normally, I can't have more than a couple of sips of champagne without acquiring a headache. Yesterday, I had three glasses and all I felt was giddy and happy. Our brunch began with a bowl of fresh canteloupe and berries, followed by shrimp chowder which was to-die-for. Then we had the main course (beautiful pics below) and an apple tart topped with vanilla mousse for dessert. I am still thinking about how amazingly delicious the brunch was.

The company of my husband, the delicious food and exemplary champagne was set off by a jaw dropping view of the Pacific Ocean. I felt spoiled and completely loved. Well, I always feel loved but the spoiled was a great treat yesterday.

After brunch we walked on the beach and then went to the movies. We saw Get Him to the Greek. It was a really funny movie that had some serious parts to it, as well. I'd definitely recommend the movie.

And now, for the pictures:
My husbands filet mignon, yukon gold potatos, scrambled eggs topped with tomatos and green beans.

My seafood salad that had lobster, shrimp, scallops and a vinigarette dressing.

The view from our table.


  1. What a wonderful time you must have had, it sounded like such a fantastic treat. You deserve it though! Here's to many more happy years together :)

  2. Thank you Julia! :) It was really nice. And I told D that I expect 107 more years together. LOL

  3. Sounds fantastic. Happy belated anniversary