Thursday, April 29, 2021

Audio Books

 I want to talk a little bit about audio books. I am SUPER late getting into this trend. In my defense, I have tried multiple times to get into audio books but they have just never stuck for me - until now. I have been driving around a lot again. My kids and I are reading through the Harry Potter series together this year. We are finishing up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at this time. A couple of weeks ago we were all bummed to stop reading to leave to be somewhere. I thought of getting the audio book and I am SO GLAD I did. We are now combining reading the book together with listening to the book in the car. Jim Dale reads the audio books and I swear it is an entirely new experience listening to him read the books.

On one such afternoon I dropped my kids off and realized I couldn't keep listening to Harry Potter without them and I was bummed. So I looked for an audio book for myself. I happened upon Naked in Death by J.D. Robb. the In Death series is my favorite series! In case you haven't read any of them they are books about New York City Police Detective Eve Dallas and her Billionaire husband Roarke. Each book in the series revolves around a homicide case. Anyway, as I said, I LOVE this series of books so I decided to listen to them and checked out the first audio book! I am so glad I did this, as well. Listening to the books is so different than reading them! I did find I flew through the book though because when I was done listening in the car I would want to read in the house! This is proving true for both the In Death and the Harry Potter series of books. 

While I am late to audio books I see myself (and possibly my kids) being a convert to them now. Do you enjoy audio books?

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